Seances will be held:

Thursday at 8pm

Saturday at 6pm

Sunday at 8pm

Duration: 1 hour plus time either side for transportation.

Seating is limited to 12 maximum per seance.

Cost is $25 per person.  Pay with cash or check at the door.

A ride will be provided from the hotel and back.


An Evening of Spirit Theater

Mystic Entertainer Elias Caress invites you to experience the mystery and secrets of SEANCE

Prepare to encounter an arcane experience as you are taken on a journey of suspense and intrigue.  

Warning: This is an experience of genuine phenomena mixed with psychological illusion.  Some phenomena is unpredictable.  Many horror fans have found it too scary to endure.  NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED OR WEAK MINDED!  

Is it Real?  For liability and safety reasons, Seance is advertised ‘For Entertainment Purposes Only’.  No claims are made to the validity of the phenomena witnessed.  

How Long does it last?  It depends on the participants (and the spirits).  Most presentations last approximately one hour.

Seats are limited.  Late arriving guests will not be admitted.

Hallucination, fraud, or genuine paranormal phenomena?    It’s up to you to decide!

What other people are saying about Seance

“I was freaking out!  I had to leave before it was over!”

-Pepita A.

“That was so much fun!  I’ve never seen anything like it!”

-John M."Elias is dashingly handsome, funny as hell, spiritually talented, and very entertaining."