Horror for Good


Please stop by the Horror for Good table in the main hall at World Horror Convention and check out this year’s selections of charity anthologies to help raise money for two great causes!


Horror For Good: A Charitable Anthology

Horror For Good is a charity anthology where all proceeds from the sales will be donated to amfAR, an international AIDS charity which focuses on research, prevention, and outreach. 

Cooked up in this anthology is a selection of short stories from the very best the genre has to offer, including works from international bestselling authors to hot new talents.

Cutting Block Press proudly presents the editing team of Mark C. Scioneaux, Robert Shane Wilson, and R.J. Cavender, bringing you stories that represent a fine array of material, including works delving into multiple sub and crossover genres.  This book is filled with tales that will chill you to the bone, with a few sprinkled in that will make you laugh and others that will bring a tear.

So grab a copy, get a good scare, and know that you are helping others in need. The perfect way to show that horror is indeed, for good.


JournalStone’s 2011 Warped Words: 90 Minutes to Live

This anthology is dedicated to Rocky Wood who has been diagnosed with ALS.  All of the proceeds from sales will be donated to Mr. Wood to be used to purchase much needed medical equipment.

From the very best of our 2011 Short Story Competition, we bring you stories with two common themes: a timed demise and a lock of hair. Our authors have combined those two elements in wickedly inventive tales that we are proudly adding to our Warped Words Anthology series. JournalStone Publishing presents thirteen new additions, from thirteen authors, in our five favorite genres. Strange tales spawned from Fantasy and Young Adult, as well as our time honored Horror, Sci-Fi and Paranormal themes.

Thirteen divergent tales of horror, desperation, panic, helplessness-even glory. You will feel the weight of time as these poor characters feel it, and you will wonder...

Who will survive? Who will have a choice?