Grand Master Award


The World Horror Society's Grand Master Award recognizes significant achievement by a professional in the horror field. The award is given to a member of the horror community who has spent many years in horror, either in film, literature, art, theater, or any mix of these. One can only win one Grand Master Award.

Voting rules:

  1. 1)Only those with memberships to WHC2012 can vote.

  2. 2)All nominees must be living.

  3. 3)Only one nomination per email address (even if two people share one email).  There is an option to email one ballot and snail mail the other.

  4. 4)You cannot vote for someone who’s already won an award.

Grand Master Award Winners:

1991: Robert Bloch

1993: Richard Matheson

1994: Anne Rice

1995: Clive Barker

1996: Dean Koontz

1997: Peter Straub

1998: Brian Lumley

1999: Ramsey Campbell

2000: Harlan Ellison

2001: Ray Bradbury

2002: Charles Grant

2003: Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

2004: Jack Williamson

2005: F. Paul Wilson

2006: Ray Garton

2007: Joe R. Lansdale

2008: Robert McCammon

2009: Tanith Lee

2010: James Herbert

2011: Jack Ketchum

2012: T.E.D. Klein